Recommended Reading List - Books



Sin of Wages

William B. Abernathy

Managing Without Supervising:
Creating an Organization-Wide
Performance System

William B. Abernathy

Removing Obstacles to Safety 

Judy Agnew & Gail Snyder

Handbook of Applied
Behavior Analysis    

John Austin & James E. Carr     

Preparing CEOs for Success

Leslie Braksick & James S. Hillgren

Unlock Behavior, Unleash Profits 

Leslie Braksick

Performance Management 

Aubrey C. Daniels & James E. Daniels


Aubrey C. Daniels

Working Safe: How to Help 
PeopleActively Care for
Health and Safety

E. Scott Geller

The Psychology of Safety Handbook

E. Scott Geller

Human Competence

Thomas F. Gilbert

Handbook of Organizational
Performance: Behavior
Analysis and Management

William K. Redmon, Thomas C. Mawhinney & Carl Merle Johnson

Paradox of Organizational
Change: Engineering with
Behavioral Systems Analysis

Maria E. Malott

Value-Based Safety Process 

Terry E. McSween

Improving Performance:
How to Manage the White
Space on the Organization Chart

Geary A. Rummler & Alan P. Brache

Who Killed My Daddy?

Beth Sulzer-Azaroff


Beteendeanalys i organisationer : handbok i OBM (Behavioral analysis in organizations – a handbook in OBM)

Rolf Olofsson

Beteende - länken till strategiska resultat (Behavior – the link to strategic results)

Mats Brandberg & Karin Folkesson


 OBM - Ledarskapets psykologi (OBM - the psychology of leadership) 

Leif E. Andersson & Mira Klintrot


Consumer Behavior Analysis: (A) Rational Approach to Consumer Choice.

Donald A. Hantula & Victoria K. Wells