Submission Guidelines

What types of articles do you publish?

  • OBM research studies (our experimental design requirements are less rigorous than research journals.  We will consider AB designs.)
  • Discussion articles related to OBM topics
  • Announcements (e.g. for a new OBM program starting, retirement, etc.)
  • Case studies of successful OBM implementations
  • Student papers related to OBM topics
  • Tips for readers (e.g. preparing for graduate school, using feedback effectively, etc.)
  • OBM book reviews

What should be included with my submission?

  • Article in Word format
  • Short bio telling the reader about yourself and your experiences (see previous newsletters for examples)
  • Photo of the author(s) in PNG or JPEG format 
  • Figures in the original PC compatible file (Excel, Word, etc.)
  • Two to three quotes from the article that are 30 words or less that you deem as key points (we will potentially highlight these in the newsletter)
  • Keywords

How should my article be formatted?

  • 2-6 pages of content (excluding figures and references) single spaced
  • One space between paragraphs with no indentation at the start of a new paragraph
  • References in APA format
  • Indicate within the article where you would like figures to be placed
  • Include figure captions either within the document or at the end
  • Save the file as the first author’s last name (e.g. Mawhinney.doc)

If you have further questions regarding submitting articles to the OBM Network Newsletter please contact the Newsletter Editor, currently Anna Conard.