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    I’m interested in making connections with professionals who have an interest in OBM applications in educational settings. I’ve worked in the field of education for over 20 years and became a BCBA over 10 years ago.

    As a behavior analyst working in educational settings, I have struggled for many years trying to determine how to “get at” the systemic issues that plague my field. Last year, I started a new job – “Director of continuous improvement” at the Missouri School Boards’ Association. It’s a nonprofit and our board is committed to supporting school leaders’ efforts to improve. I feel strongly, that this position offers a real opportunity to make a difference in the field of education. Unfortunately, behavior analysis is not widely accepted or practiced in educational settings (outside of work with students with autism), and so I have rarely encountered colleagues who share my perspective on what the field has to offer.

    I am currently working on a proposal for a series of workshops and other support for school board members and administrators in the St. Louis area. It may be overly ambitious, but I’d like to attempt to measure the impact of this effort and would appreciate advice / suggestions. I’d also welcome suggestions on the design of the overall plan. Lastly, I’d appreciate suggestions for resources – suggested reading for example.

    Thanks so much for your time! I’m happy to be here.

    Best regards,
    Patty Polster

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