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    Hello! I work in Raleigh as a BCBA, and my company is always a large participant in the NCABA conference. This year, I was asked to do a presentation on all the ways that you can sneak OBM into the ABA/DD career you already lead, since that’s what so many of us here are trying to do! I have thankfully been given the opportunity at my place of employment to really explore the OBM world while I continue my consulting work there, so my presentation will regard much of that experience. Like many of you, I am self-taught in the majority of what I know, but am reaching out to mentors for advice and experience as much as possible.

    Does anyone have any advice they have found helpful in their OBM journey to pass on to others who are just beginning?

    If anyone is interested in attending NCABA and joining this presentation, I would love to hear from you.


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