Behavioral safety has been at the forefront of Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) for many decades now. Research in behavior safety has graced the pages of the Journal of Organizational Behavior Management (JOBM) since the 1970’s. In this issue, we feature a Report from the Field showing the long-term effects of a Behavior-Based Safety program at a petroleum refinery. This article has been dedicated to Wanda Myers who is listed as the first author. Terry McSween remembers Wanda Myers in a short memorial article appearing at the end of this issue. Additionally, the OBM Network (http://www.obmnetwork.com) announced at their annual meeting at the Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAi) in San Antonio, TX that Terry McSween was awarded their prestigious Lifetime Achievement award for his continued and significant contribution to OBM. Our featured article should provide just one piece of evidence suggesting why Terry has earned this distinction.

In this issue I’d like to recognize two outgoing Associate Editors whose service to the Journal has spanned many years. Dr. Dennis (Denny) Reid has worked as a manager, clinician, and consultant in developmental disabilities for over 35 years and has our primary “go-to” AE for Human Services articles (and is the keynote speaker at 2011’s OBM Conference focusing on Human Services). Denny was the recipient of the 2006 International Research Award of the American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and is the founder and director of the Carolina Behavior Analysis and Support Center in Morganton, North Carolina. He has published over 100 journal articles and authored or co-authored seven books. Phillip K Duncan, a Professor of Psychology at West Chester University and Executive Director of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Autism Resource Center (SPARC) will be focusing his time proposing funding for two pilot programs, one to aid teens and young adults with social skills as they transition from high school to college and another to provide behavior-based safety training and capacity building for relatively small companies which could not otherwise afford the cost of developing high quality behavior safety programs. He also plans to consult in the areas of safety, systems, performance analysis/engineering.

I’d also like to introduce our readers to our two new Associate Editors formally instated at the JOBM meeting at ABAi this past May. Donald Hantula is affiliated with the Department of Psychology and Interdisciplinary Program in Applied Behavior Analysis at Temple University.. He recently co-guest edited JOBM special issue(s) on Consumer Behavior Analysis and is a past editor of The Journal of Applied Social Psychology, Associate Editor of Behavior and Social Issues, and on numerous editorial boards including JABA and the Behavior Analyst. His research interests apply behavioral economics, evolutionary theory and decision making technology. Ramona Houmanfar is affiliated with the Department of Psychology at the University of Nevada, Reno. She served as the president of the Organizational Behavior Management Network and Nevada Association for Behavior Analysis and is senior co-chair of the Association for Behavior Analysis conference, a trustee of the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies and on the editorial board of Behavior and Social Issues. She recently co-edited JOBM’s special issue on Behavioral Systems Analysis and associated edited book titled “Understanding Complexity in Organizations” (Taylor & Francis Group).

Timothy D. Ludwig, Ph.D.
Editor, JOBM

Timothy D. Ludwig, Appalachian State University
Associate Editors:
David Wilder, Florida Tech
Mark Dixon, Southern Illinois University
Alicia Alvero, Queens College, CUNY
Ramona Houmanfar, University of Nevada, Reno
Don Hantula, Temple University
Special Editor for Reports from the Field:
Cloyd Hyten, ADI

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