Applicant Qualifications

1. The primary researcher/author must be a graduate student of good standing in a graduate degree program in psychology or a related discipline. The primary researcher/author may be a member of a research team, but he or she should be lead investigator for the proposed research, which should focus on topics of relevance to business, industry, and/or other organizational settings (although the proposed research itself may be of an applied or more basic nature).

The Chris Anderson Research Award program is intended to foster traditional research in the OBM area.  Accordingly, preference will be given to those proposals that (a) use behavior analytic methods, (b) include specific behavioral targets as part of organizational change strategies, and (c) present individual subject information or appropriate statistical tests to document group effects.

2. Both the lead researcher and the faculty mentor named in the proposal must be a member of the OBM Network at the time of application submission.

Recipient Responsibilities

1. Subsequent to receipt of funding, the successful applicant must inform the OBM Network Grant Chair of any changes in research methodology that alter the way in which Chris Anderson Research Grant funds are spent during the study.

2. Acceptance of a Chris Anderson Research Grant obligates the successful applicant to submit the results of the funded study for presentation at either a future Association for Behavior Analysis annual convention (held each May) or a future Organizational Behavior Management Network conference (held every other Spring).

3. Acceptance of a Chris Anderson Research Grant obligates the successful applicant to submit a research manuscript to the Journal of Organizational Behavior Management for review, if the data obtained in the study are of publishable quality.

Submission Guidelines/Deadline

1. Only Electronic submissions will be accepted. The submission should be written in Microsoft Word and pasted into the online application.

2. Proposals must be received by the OBM Network Grant Chair no later than February 19, 2021 at 5pm EST.  Proposers assume all responsibility for the delivery and arrival of proposals by the specified date. Recommendations of the three readers will be forwarded to the Chair no later than March 24, 2021.  Any requested proposal revisions or clarifications from authors must be received on or before April 6, 2021.  Award announcements will be made on or before April 20, 2021.

Application Materials and Submission

Compile all requested materials into a single PDF and submit using the link below. All materials should be
in APA format, double-spaced, and 12-point font with margins set at 1 inch. Follow all recommended
page limits and the final PDF should not exceed 13 pages.

  • Title Page (one-page limit): Include only the title to allow for a blind review of PDF submissions.
  • Abstract (300 word limit): Abstracts should contain the rationale, experimental design and methods, expected results, and potential impact.
  • Study Proposal (five-page limit including figures, tables, and graphics). Please include the headings outlined below.
    • Goals: Be precise and list specific objectives to be met within the timeline and budget of the proposal.
    • Justification, Significance and Literature Review: Clearly describe the background of the problem, justify the need for the study and how it fills a gap in the existing OBM knowledge base, and state the importance of expected findings. The literature review should indicate the current status of research in the area, including the investigator’s contributions (if any).
    • Experimental Methods and Design: Describe the experimental approach, including the design, experimental methods, participant characteristics, and technological descriptions of procedures.
    • Expected Results: Indicate expected results (include a visual display of expected results if appropriate) and implications for the field of OBM, behavior analysis, and/or business practice.
  • Cited References (three-page limit): Include complete citations in APA format.
  • Plan to Seek IRB Approval (100 word limit): Include a brief description regarding plans to seek IRB approval prior to beginning research procedures.
  • Project Timeline (one-page limit): Provide a timeline detailing the goals or specific objectives to be met within the entire one-year period of funding. The timeline should be general (e.g., quarterly or monthly) and should not include specific dates. Include the following key tasks or activities within each objective as relevant: ethical/institutional approval; participant recruitment; research training and activities; evaluation activities; and dissemination. For each key task or activity, list a responsible party who will oversee that task implementation and completion. The project timeline should be consistent with the Study Proposal.
  • Detailed Budget and Justification (one-page limit): Include an itemized budget that lists the item, justification (how the item will be used or why the item is necessary), and the requested amounts. Up to 25% of the award amount may be used for travel to ABAI/OBM Network conference to present the proposed study.


Fill out this form to submit for the 2021 Chris Anderson Research Grant.

Award Process/Schedule

1.Proposals must be received by the OBM Network Grant Chair no later than February 19, 2021 at 5pm EST. Upon receipt of proposals, the Chair will recruit three additional readers from the current membership of the OBM Network (excluding student members) who are not affiliated with the primary researcher or faculty mentor.

2. Recommendations of the three readers will be forwarded to the Chair no later than March 24, 2021. Based on reviewer recommendations, authors may be asked to revise and clarify aspects of their proposals. All clarifications and revisions are due no later than April 6, 2021. Three possible decisions may be made for any proposal – award granted, award granted pending specific proposal revisions, and award not granted.

3. The OBM Network Executive Director or Grant Chair will inform the applicants of the review decisions on or before April 20, 2021.

4. The primary researcher will return written acknowledgement of the award decision, including revisions if necessary, to the Chair no later than April 26, 2021.

5. The Chair or a member of the OBM Network Board of Directors will announce all awards and award all funds at the annual OBM Network business meeting held during the ABA annual convention each May.

NOTE: All grants will be up to the amount of $700. The number of grants given in any one year will be dependent upon budgetary considerations. It is possible that, due to lack of appropriate proposals, no grants may be awarded in any one year. If any proposed budget exceeds the max grant amount of $700, then the proposal must clearly state that if the grant is awarded the project can be completed as proposed even with only partial funding.

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