Presenter: Dr. Laurent Alt

When: August 31st @ 12pm EST

Title: Agile & Lean: Frameworks That Connect Collective Performance and Ethical Leadership

Abstract: Agile is a recent approach for organization management based on small autonomous teams delivering value iteratively and adjusting their plans according to customers feedback, as opposed to regular project management based on written requirements, planning and strong processes. The success of Agile is its ability to deal efficiently with todays innovation speed. With services becoming digital services, objects becoming connected objects, every organization will need to deliver its products or services at the speed of software – this is why Agile is now becoming one of the key ingredients of digital transformations. Agile is also very appreciated by team members for its ability to make people collaborate for a common goal. But even if being agile means less control, agility relies on well defined practices, such as sprints, scrums, retrospectives, visual management, etc. Laurent Alt will describe how software organizations work today in agile, their everyday practices, their culture, how it all connects as a system, and show how Agile is a fantastic framework for positive reinforcement and ethical leadership. Laurent will also show the correspondence between Agile and Lean practices, to illustrate that the same ideas apply to Lean as well.

Bio:  Laurent Alt is a former student of the Ecole Normale Supieure in Paris, where he studied math and computer science. In over 25 years, Laurent has occupied various leadership positions in the software industry, in startup companies as well as world leaders. Software is an industry where organizations have radically changed, moving from process-oriented working modes in the 90s to highly collaborative and flexible teamwork (such as agile or lean) today. With these changes, individual behavior and group culture are becoming the main pillars of performance, rather than hierarchies and processes. Besides, wellbeing in the workplace is also being recognized as a key element of performance. These two areas are precisely where OBM, and even more BSA, provide solid foundations for leaders and organizations, and this is Laurents main interest area today. Laurent has founded Digital Positive to provide consulting services to CIO / CTOs who want to transform their practices and culture the lean / agile way.

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