Robbie El Fattal, M.S., BCBA, LBA

When: Friday, February 8th @ 12:00 PM EST

Title: Utilizing RBTs for OBM Projects


As leaders within organizations, we’re often juggling many balls while wearing many hats. Given the increased interest in OBM, one particular practice in our organization, has proven very effective in assisting these busy leaders in the implementation of their organizational vision and goals. Utilizing RBTs in OBM projects is a win win when considering all the benefits to both the organization and its RBTs. Leaders can gain additional bandwidth to execute OBM projects through their delegation of specific tasks to RBTs, while RBTs get opportunities to climb the career development ladder through the expansion of their roles. This presentation will outline the strategies and pitfalls when it comes to better utilizing your RBTs to help beyond their service delivery roles. Participants will walk away knowing how they could be getting more done by training and equipping RBTs to help execute special projects that help impact business results. The presenter will include data on simple strategies that have increased behaviors related to compliance and cash flow, both critical aspects in health and human service delivery.


Rob is the Founder and CEO of Cultivate and truly loves the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). He has served in a number of capacities before starting Cultivate with his wife and partner, Katie. Early on, Rob was trained by one of the world’s most reputable ABA agencies and took that experience and training to every setting that he’s worked. He’s worked most positions in Special Education ranging from Behavior Technician in a classroom, to Licensed Teacher, to Program Administrator. In addition, Rob also has extensive experience working in Higher Education as a Part-Time Instructor for both undergrad and graduate students. He has served in private-practice as a Clinical Case Supervisor, BCBA, and CEO of a growing private-practice in California. He’s learned a lot over the years and is excited to bring those collective experiences to Austin!

As CEO of Cultivate, Rob is committed to service. There’s a lot of moving parts in an ABA program and his goal is to build and cultivate a culture where clients excel because their provider is responsive and organized. Given that desire, Rob is largely responsible for vision and culture at Cultivate. Rob is also working on a PhD in ABA at The Chicago School, which constantly positions him as a thought leader in the field. Clearly, Rob is thrilled to serve where he is led and loves the challenge of continual growth. His desire is to continue searching for opportunities to expand his territory, while influencing the field and inspiring positive change that benefits families and their loved ones.

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