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Speaker: Richard “Rick” Kubina, Ph.D.

When: Tuesday, January 30th @ 12pm EST

Title: Using Precision Measurement to Derive Meaningful Performance Metrics and Analytics

AbstractPrecision measurement leverages a data science model focused on individuals to accurately ascertain and quantify the magnitude of behavior change. All human behavior has a frequency identity and can change along a path marked by speed and efficiency metrics. Yet the necessary metrics to inform performance managers and analysts often remains hidden due to the pervasive nature of (1) poor data targets (i.e., operational definitions), (2) weak and potentially misleading observational methods and dimensionless quantities (i.e., interval recording and percent correct) and (3) information poor visual displays (i.e., nonstandard linear graphs). Precision measurement offers a unifying framework of using pinpoints to precisely define the data target, continuous observational methods and dimensional units to reveal the true character of behavior, and a standard ratio chart facilitating the exploration of data in a nimble and agile way. The webinar will focus on the application of a precision measurement system and how to take advantage of metrics to distill actionable insights from data. Furthermore, the webinar will describe how to harness radically innovative behavioral analytics.

Bio: Dr. Richard (Rick) Kubina has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Youngstown State University, a Master’s and a Doctoral degree in Special Education from The Ohio State University. Dr. Kubina is a Professor of special education at Pennsylvania State University and co-founder of Chartlytics. Kubina has published multiple research articles, books, and book chapters on evidence-based education and measurement of student progress. He also served as the past Editor of the Journal of Precision Teaching & Celeration. Dr. Kubina consults with school districts and charter schools using Precision Teaching, effective practice methods, and other measurably superior educational programs.

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