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Presenter: Barbara Bucklin, PhD

When: July

Where: Online

Abstract: Does training alone sustain behavior change? The short answer is no. As a result of a curriculum evaluation, Ardent Learning found that performance deteriorated over time following training. Who would know that deterioration is happening without (1) a detailed front-end analysis of all the factors that impact performance, and (2) evaluation data to measure behavior and results following training? And what can be done to sustain performance after participants have left the classroom or turned off their computers? Dr. Bucklin will explore these questions in this Webinar, which provides an overview of several automotive learning programs, an evaluation approach, and, finally, findings related to OBM and sustainment of behavior change and results. In one case study, performance gradually deteriorated to baseline levels following the training period. In the second and third case studies, where OBM sustainment elements were in place (i.e., performance feedback, management support, and refresher training), there was no significant performance deterioration.

Bio: Barbara Bucklin, PhD: As director of instructional design, Dr. Bucklin oversees Ardent Learning’s staff of instructional designers and writers/developers. She collaborates with her clients to recommend learning and performance-improvement approaches that are directly aligned with core business strategies and goals. Barbara is the current President of the Organizational Behavior Management Network. She has taught university courses in human performance technology, the psychology of learning, organizational behavior management, and statistical methods. Her research articles have appeared in journals such as Performance Improvement Quarterly and the Journal of Organizational Behavior Management.

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