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Carl Binder, PhD, CPT, is CEO of the Performance Thinking Network ( headquartered on Bainbridge Island, WA, near Seattle, and has been helping organizations worldwide improve performance with research-based methods for over 35 years. After studying with B.F. Skinner as a doctoral student at Harvard, he spent several decades conducting instructional research and teacher training.  At the urging of Ogden Lindsley, he transitioned into organizational performance improvement during the 1980’s, where his work developing fluency-based training and coaching programs for adults, and creating the Six Boxes Performance Thinking approach to performance improvement has led to important innovations with a wide range of applications. Carl has been honored with ISPI’s Thomas F. Gilbert and Honorary Life Member Awards, the Fred S. Keller Award from Division 25 of the American Psychological Association for contributions to education, and recently received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Organizational Behavior Management Network.  Contact him at

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Julie Smith, PhD, is a world-class expert in applying behavior science in innovative ways to achieve unprecedented results in organizations. As co-founder of CLG, one of the world’s largest behavior-based strategy execution firms, Julie and her colleagues pioneered the most powerful and practical organizational behavior-change approach available today, as evaluated by multiple independent benchmark studies.

Seeing a great need to improve healthcare provider performance, Julie launched ChangePartner in 2016. She and her team are developing the Behavioral Excellence™ enterprise application, which guarantees that organizations can efficiently convert metrics on quality, safety, and patient experience into “5-Star” behaviors that are delivered reliably every day by individuals and teams—at all levels, across an organization. Julie is looking forward to the day when the behavioral root causes of poor patient care are drastically reduced—or even eliminated—because of this innovative system.

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Manny Rodriguez, MS, has worked with organizations across the globe, lending his expertise in behavioral science to make a difference in the workplace.  Manny’s experience spans various industries such as human services, nuclear power, government, oil and gas, transportation, telecommunications, banking, and chemical within the Fortune 1000.  Today, he focuses his time on bringing behavior analysis to executives and leaders through online learning, consulting, and training practitioners.

Manny is the Vice President of ABA Technologies, Inc.  Through his leadership, Manny has consulted to various clients, launched Operant Leadership, the business consulting service division of ABA Technologies, co-authored OBM Applied! a practical guide to implementing OBM, and most recently co-authored the book Quick Wins! Accelerating Accelerating School Transformation through Science, Engagement, and Leadership.

In addition Manny volunteers his time as the current President of the OBM Network, and as a member of the board of directors of the space coast human resource association.

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