Application- Chris Anderson Research Grant

Include the title of the project and the contact information (names, affiliations, telephone numbers, mailing addresses, and email addresses) of both the graduate researcher and the faculty mentor.

Clearly describe the specific research question you propose to answer, the rationale for why this question is appropriate for funding through the OBM Network’s Chris Anderson Research Grant program, and the value of the anticipated findings in addressing a gap in the existing OBM knowledge base.

In a somewhat abbreviated fashion, describe the major findings in the current literature that are related to the proposed research question. Although a comprehensive literature review is not required, the manner in which your proposed project will result in adding to the relevant knowledge base should be apparent. Do use APA style to cite references as appropriate.

Research Methodology

Define the data collection method you propose to use in this project and explain why this data collection method is appropriate given the nature of the research hypothesis and the methods employed in relevant research.

Provide a description of any data collection instruments that you will use.

Provide operational definitions of the independent and dependent variables in the proposed study.

Describe the data analysis procedures that will be used.

Clearly describe the anticipated outcomes and implications of the results of your proposed research.

Include a reference section that lists all the references cited in your proposal. Again, please use APA style throughout.

Estimate the start and completion date of each major component of the project and indicate how research award funds would be used during each component. Up to 25% of the award amount may be used for travel to ABAI conference to present the proposed study.

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