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About OBMN Conference 2017 Workshops

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If you registered after March 28, 2017, your registration will be viewed the same as onsite registration. Onsite registrants will not have pre-made name badges, nor be guaranteed physical copies of the program book. There will be an electronic version of the program book available to all participants".

OBMN Conference Workshops will take place on Friday, March 31st, 2017. These workshops are geared towards practitioners and researchers alike. You will get access to cutting edge OBM tools delivered by world class experts. Registration for the conference is not mandatory, but recommended.  The workshops will take place at the Mayfair Hotel and Spa in Coconut Grove, Florida.

When are the workshops?

March 31st, 2017, 1 PM - 5 PM, at the Mayfair Hotel and Spa in Coconut Grove, Florida.

Workshop Offerings


Cultivating Workplace Wellbeing With Behavioral Science 

Presented by:

Julie M. Slowiak, PhD, BCBA, Pn1, University of Minnesota, Duluth & InJewel LLC

Price: $200.00/person


Workplace stress, driven by a variety of factors, can have a direct and negative impact on employee wellbeing and, consequently, an indirect and potentially negative impact on those with whom employees interact (e.g., coworkers, clients, family members, friends). This workshop is designed to provide behavior analysts with knowledge, tools, and techniques that will allow them to make a noticeable, positive impact on their own wellbeing, on the wellbeing of their employees or clients, and ultimately, on society as a whole. An understanding of the dimensions of wellbeing that tie to both individual and organizational values will assist behavior analysts’ efforts to design interventions that promote sustainable behavior change. The workshop instructor will provide an overview of the basic wellbeing concept, introduce attendees to dimensions of wellbeing, describe self-management tools and provide tips to promote healthy and productive lifestyle behaviors, and describe and share data from recent research aimed at promoting and supporting wellbeing in the workplace. The workshop instructor will guide participants through a series of exercises that will allow participants to both identify specific, values-based goals that they would like to work toward and to develop an action plan for change. This workshop is designed to be highly interactive; participants will receive feedback from the workshop instructor, be asked to engage in large and small group discussions, and be asked to share their goals and action plans with other workshop participants.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe the basic wellbeing concept
  2. Describe at least six dimensions of wellbeing.
  3. Describe at least five self-management tools and techniques to improve wellbeing.
  4. Describe recent findings from research aimed at promoting and supporting wellbeing in the workplace.
  5. State at least one specific, values-based goal for improving personal wellbeing.
  6. Describe an action plan for pursuing their values-based wellbeing goal.

About the Presenter:

Julie M. Slowiak:

Julie M. Slowiak, PhD, BCBA, Pn1 works as an Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Minnesota Duluth and is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. She assisted with the proposal and development of a new masters graduate program in psychological science, served as Chair of the Teaching and Learning Committee within the shared faculty governance system, and assisted with the formation of the newly formed UMD Wellness Collaborative for which she is Co-Chair. Dr. Slowiak has taught and developed undergraduate and graduate courses on statistics, research methods, organizational behavior management, organizational psychology, personnel psychology, applied behavior analysis, organizational systems and development, personnel training and development, and worker wellbeing. Nominated by both faculty and students, she has received multiple awards at UMD to recognize excellence in teaching and advising.

Dr. Slowiak is the founder of InJewel LLC and a personal and professional coach and consultant. She is an expert in the science of human behavior with an emphasis on performance management, behavioral systems analysis, employee motivation, and general behavior change. Current projects include developing and facilitating performance management workshops to mangers in a large health care organization, providing ongoing, voluntary organizational consultation to a local animal shelter, and providing healthy lifestyle behavior change coaching to individuals.

Using Behavioral Systems Analysis to Improve the Clinical, Administrative, and Supervision Functions in ABA Service Organizations

Presented by:

Heather M. McGee, Ph.D., Western Michigan University

Price: $200.00/person (all proceeds will be donated to the OBM Network)


Continuously increasing demands for ABA services, ever changing and expanding licensure and insurance requirements, and demands for quality supervision provision can be overwhelming for even the most well run organization. However, when organizations fail to anticipate, understand, and balance these variables (and the many others impacting organizational performance), the results can be devastating. This workshop will introduce ways in which organizations can regain control over their systems. The focus of the workshop will be on critical system variables that leaders should identify, measure, and manage to ensure clients receive effective treatment, employees receive effective supervision, and organizations remain financially healthy.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify critical goals and measures at the business level of the organization.
  2. Identify cross-functional relationships that affect performance related to organizational goals.
  3. Identify critical cross-functional goals and measures that will support business level goals and measures.

About the Presenter:

Heather McGee:

Dr. Heather McGee is an associate professor in the Department of Psychology at Western Michigan University and chair of the industrial/organizational program. She has designed, developed and implemented organizational performance solutions in a variety of industries and settings, including autism service providers, health and human services industries, the pharmaceutical industry and education. These solutions have included performance-based instruction, performance management, behavioral systems changes and lean sigma initiatives.

Dr. McGee serves as the director of the Organizational Behavior Management Network and is a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Organizational Behavior Management. Her interests lie in improving organizational performance through interventions based on comprehensive behavioral systems analysis.

Present Like a TED Talk


Presented by: 

Manny Rodriguez, ABA Technologies, Inc.

Barbara Bucklin, Ph.D., Ardent Learning

Price: $200.00/person (all proceeds will be donated to the OBM Network)


This hands on four-hour workshop will provide tips, techniques, and practice for attendees who are interested in presenting in the TED-Talk style. TED is a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas with short, powerful talks in a time frame that's generally 18 minutes or less. These engaging presentations use emotion, storytelling, new ideas (or new angles on old ideas), an opening hook, a natural sequence, and supporting images to add value and supplement ideas. Workshop participants should come prepared with a topic or existing presentation they'd like to create or transform into the TED Talk style, along with a laptop or tablet to use during the workshop.

About the Presenters:

Manny Rodriguez: 

With over ten years experience, Manny has worked with organizations across the globe.  He is an accomplished practitioner in the field of Behavior Analysis, highly regarded by his customers, and colleagues alike.  He has earned a reputation for his quick grasp of behavioral challenges and how to solve them, offering a practical “real-world” approach.  His engaging work style has established him as a “go-to” person in the field.

His experience spans various industries such as human services, nuclear power, government, oil and gas, transportation, non-profit, and chemical within the Fortune 1000.  Manny provides expert advice to leaders on establishing concrete plans for improving results through behavior change. He is especially skilled at facilitating business teams to execute strategic plans and preparing leaders to engage employees to reach their maximum potential.

Barbara Bucklin:

Insightful PhD-level learning and performance-improvement professional with 15+ years’ experience:
Linking performance solutions to organizational and business needs
Analyzing performance to identify gaps between current and desired states
Designing effective, engaging solutions to address real-world performance and business needs
Measuring solutions to determine if behavior changed and business results improved
A diverse variety of clients including Audi, Abbott, Barnes and Noble, Beckman Coulter, BMW, Ford, Honda/Acura, Hyundai, La-Z-Boy, Jaguar/Land Rover, Kia, Mazda, Nissan/Infiniti, Pandora Radio, Platinum Guild, Pfizer, Tiffany & Co, Volvo, Wyeth, and Weight Watchers.

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