Distinguished Member Awards

The OBM Network is pleased to honor the accomplishments of individuals and organizations in the field with the Lifetime Achievement Award and Outstanding Contribution Award. Please take a moment to review the description of these awards and past recipients below.

Nomination for the 2018 Awardees must be submitted by November 3rd, 2017. The awards committee will then review nominations and recipients will be presented with respective awards at the 2018 ABAI conference.

If you are interested in serving on this year’s OBM Network awards selection committee please contact Kathryn Roose at kroose.unr.edu. This year’s committee will be comprised of:

  • 1 Current Graduate Student
  • 1 Current Practitioner
  • 1 Current Faculty Member
  • 1 Current OBMN Board Member

Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award is given to individuals who have fundamentally advanced our understanding or application of behavioral principles in organizational settings are deserving of this highest level of recognition. Past recipients of this award have been individuals whose contributions have significantly advanced the field of OBM.

Past Recipients:

  • Dale M. Brethower (2016)
  • Carl Binder (2014)
  • Alyce Dickinson (2012)
  • Terry McSween (2010)
  • Scott Geller (2007)
  • Hank Pennypacker (2005)
  • Chris Anderson (2004)
  • Jon Bailey (2002)
  • Geary A. Rummler (1999)
  • Paul L. Brown (1998)
  • Beth Sulzer-Azaroff (1991)
  • Edward J. Feeney (1990)
  • Thomas F. Gilbert (1989)
  • Aubrey C. Daniels (1988)

Outstanding Contribution Award

The Outstanding Contribution Award is given to individuals or corporations who have made significant and measured contributions to the field and who are deserving of special recognition from the OBM Network.

Past Recipients:

  • Leif E. Andersson (2016)
  • Julie Smith (2015)
  • Fabio Tosolin (2014)
  • Judy Agnew (2011)
  • Timothy Ludwig (2010)
  • Dwight Harshbarger (2008)
  • John Austin (2007)
  • Bill Abernathy (2005)
  • Maria Malott (2004)
  • Terry McSween (2001)
  • Darry Callahan (2000)
  • Alyce M. Dickinson (1995)
  • William K. Redmon (1994)
  • Dale M. Brethower (1993)
  • Thomas C. Mawhinney (1992)

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