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Journal of Organizational Behavior Management

JOBM is the only professional journal devoted to behavior management in organizations, serving as a tool for improving productivity and the quality of working life. Top researchers provide proven methods – backed by facts, not opinions – to show you the best practical ways to apply behavior management in the workplace. JOBM publishes research and review articles, case studies, discussions, and book reviews on topics that are critical to today’s organization development practitioners.

2018 OBM Network Webinars


Dr. Natalie Parks

– Adjunct Professor at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology

– Natalie founded Pulse Business Solutions LLC to provide organizational behavior management coaching and consultation with a focus on leadership development and business structure.


Shannon Biagi

– Founder and CEO of Chief Motivating Officers, LLC

– Her professional experiences have spanned instructional design, training and development, performance management, large-scale pay-for-performance systems, behavioral systems analyses, and coaching and mentoring of leaders on how to bring behavior analysis into businesses.

– Co-author on the four-volume workbook series, OBM Applied! A Practical Guide to Implementing Organizational Behavior Management


Nick Green

– Founder of BehaviorFit where he blogs, creates content, delivers workshops, and most importantly, provides tele-health coaching to help adults increase physical activity and fitness-related behaviors.

– Nick’s main focus and research interest in reducing sedentary behavior (too much sitting) in the workplace. His passion is to “improve human performance and health with behavior analysis”.

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